THE PROPOSAL: It was a typical weekend for us...Justin and I were on a hike at McKinney Falls State Park. I noticed he was pouring sweat (now I know why!) and I suggested we sit by the water and relax. He led me to a quiet little cove. We were just chatting - I was having the Sunday blues and I remember telling him I was so glad I had him to be with. Suddenly he pulled out a little box and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Of course I said yes...I knew I was going to marry him after our second date two years prior. I was not expecting a proposal that day, so it was a complete surprise. It felt like a suddenly I was in a magical cloud and mist poured out around us. The ring was a gorgeous Georgian from the early 1800s with pink topaz and sapphires - I was so touched he did so well picking something so "me" all on his own. It was the best day ever. After that we met my sister, brother-in-law, and niece at our favorite drink spot to celebrate!

THE STYLE: I really wanted a relaxed, intimate, small wedding. One day I decided we should just throw some blankets down in the park up the street from our house and have it there. Justin was a little more skeptical that we would need to register with the park or something, but it is such a quiet spot, I assured him no one would have a problem with it! I thought the idea of being able to walk up the street to our wedding from our house would be really memorable. My girlfriends all came to our place to get ready. It was the most beautiful day. We made our bouquets and a marigold garland to hang behind two trees that would center the ceremony. Justin came over before the ceremony to take pictures with me at our place. It was so nice to seem him. I felt so excited and happy. The ceremony was perfect. Our closest family and friends lit candles at our feet. Justin's vows completely blew me (and everyone) away...I was so thrilled to be marrying such a wonderful man. 

We rented an adorable home on Airbnb for the reception. We invited our best friends to stay there with us leading up to the wedding so we could all hang out together. Justin and I had the back guest house to ourselves. Once I had the idea of using an Airbnb as a venue I was on a mission to find one! I thought it would be so nice to be able to relax and set it up to my liking...and I wanted everything to feel "long" so I would remember every bit of it. It was just that. The owner of the house let Justin and I come over a few weeks early to hang a bunch of bulb lights in the backyard - it looked lovely. My family helped with arranging tables and my mom, sister, and I did the flowers. We used tablecloths from my moms collection of vintage textiles. We had a friend's band play and ate our favorite Mexican food. Justin is a musician so he made sure the entertainment was unique. His best friends played jazz during dinner and we had a series of performers. Then we had a late night dance party to my favorite old school rap. When the night was over we retreated to our romantic nest. It was the best day of my life. 

BRIDES LOOK: I knew I would probably go with a vintage dress. I love all cotton and it's harder to find cotton wedding dresses these days. I was home visiting my my parents in Florida when I did a quick Etsy search for vintage dresses. We had just gotten engaged and it was the first time I looked at dresses. I happened upon Maggie May Bridal and loved what I saw. When I saw the Frida dress I shouted for my Mom to get a tape measure because I needed to check my measurements. My sister and mom loved it as well. I knew the dress was meant to be so I said, "Dad get your credit card I'm making my first wedding purchase." I don't like to dwell on decisions. When the dress arrived it was even better than I expected. I couldn't wait to get home from the post office to try it on!! To my surprise it fit like a dream and I felt like it was a divine intervention. The dress was made for me. I didn't even need any alterations! I wore some peach cut-out flats from Anthropologie. I wanted my girls to pick their own outfits to wear that they felt good in, so I sent them some examples of "looks" I liked and on the wedding day they were all adorable or course! My Mom cut my hair blunt the Thursday before the wedding. I wanted to look myself and feel myself on the wedding day so I did my own hair and makeup. The whole wedding was so meaningful and full of happiness - I wouldn't change a thing.