My name is what? My name is who?

Did I just quote Eminem on a wedding blog? I sure did, I don't even like the guy. I thought it would be nice to introduce to the world how Maggie May got her name, but every time I sat down to type all I could hear was whitey rap boy in my head.

When Rose + I decided to go this venture together, the name of our baby wasn't the first thing we decided on. When we felt that our first collection was complete, we sat down and tried to brainstorm names. Our style and first collection is heavily influenced by the 1960's/70's. With that in mind we looked up movies from that era, books, words associated with weddings, words that related to love, but nothing gave us them loving feelings. And really, Im not the best at picking names. It took my lover and I a whole month to decided on a name for our daughter. At one point we thought her name would just be "Baby", and then she would have been forever quoted "don't put baby in the corner", and we couldn't do that to her.

After letting our brainstorm calm, it was like a light bulb went off. What's that Rod Stewart song from the 70's? You know, that one about a girl? Oh yeah Maggie May! And like that we had a name.

It is now safe to say that as I sit here I no longer have Slim Shady in my head, I now have old Rod singing in my ear. Who would have thought Rod signing about his love affair with an older women would be the name of our boutique. We love it no matter the context, plus its sound is timeless just like our dresses.

Go on, click play